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*** WARNING***

Reading this and taking action could seriously IMPROVE YOUR health!

Your Mission To relieve your pain

My Mission To provide you with the BEST, FASTEST, most beneficial treatment experience I can!

You will benefit from EXPERT PROFESSIONAL EFFECTIVE Acupuncture and Osteopathic treatment solutions to your acute pain and other health issues, to improve the quality of your life, mostly in ONLY 30 MINUTES!!

I completed my training as an Osteopath in 1989, having qualified from the British School Of Osteopathy. My first practice was in Ashburnham Road, Luton, sharing the premises with my father Jules Lobo the dentist. I continued studying and completed my training in Acupuncture in 1993. After my father's retirement I purchased my own practice at 227 Ashcroft Road,Stopsley in Luton. I now occupy a lovely bungalow, in an easy to reach part of the town with ample on site parking.

How am I " Caring for you from the first call"? I have a free-phone number for you to call, so that the call doesn't cost you anything from a landline. I truly care about my business, so I want you to be happy that I do everything I can to make your contact with me as easy for you as possible.. down to making the calls free. So if you have any concerns, questions or anything else, I am a FREE phone call away!

The majority of my patients come to me as the result of a personal recommendation by existing or previous patients. This in itself is a compliment, although almost as many are referred directly by their GPs.
I combine a caring approach, with my knowledge and experience to treat each patient as an individual.

Many patients present to us on their own. Some have also been referred by there GP's for conditions such as

  • Acute and Chronic Back Pain,
  • Neck Pain,
  • Some acute back pain with pain into the lower limbs,
  • Neck related Head Aches,
  • some other types of headaches such as stress and tension headaches,
  • "Frozen" Shoulder**,
  • Arthritic Pain,
  • many Sports Injuries,
  • several components of neck and back pain from car accidents,
  • RSI- Tennis Elbow
  • Migraine Prevention treatment
  • most muscular and tendon issues
  • Sciatica

I wanted you to feel confident coming to see an Osteopath for the first time so, with some consultation, I decided to offer you a promise, and give you the BEST assurances I can, so


I believe in trying to make you feel confident that I will do the best that I can for you, which is why I offer this.

  We subscribe to the principle of conducting business that is open and honest. I learn't from my father to be honest and sincere in my dealings with other people, which is why I will only treat you if I think I can help you.

  • I will NOT treat you any more times than is necessary;
  • I aim to provide you with a significant improvement in 4-5 sessions;
  • I will explain your condition and treatment in everyday language, and
  • I will always act in your best interests. That�s why as you get better,
  • I give you some choice about re-booking (including not coming back) so that you are always comfortable and in control. .. You see I don�t mind if you don�t come back, as long as you are better.

My aim is to IMPROVE the quality of your life by reducing your pain and discomfort, and assisting your return to normal health.

* I have had experience with "non-chemically induced" migraine attacks, where i have been able to significantly reduce the patients symptoms when they have presented with a migraine. While this is not robust clinical scientific evidence, it is my belief that my treatments will significantly improve your migraine attack and we can help with prevention of further attacks.

** The conditions i have listed above in "" are ones where the diagnosis may differ depending on the viewpoint of the therapist. some masseurs refer to "crystals" in the muscles which is a term they use but isn't necessarily how others describe the issues. So frozen shoulder and Sciatica are conditions where the term is used by different people to mean different things- a " catch-all" term if you will. So i put them in "" so that you know i am talking about something specific but which is open to interpretation.

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