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About the Practice

About the Caring Osteopath

The Caring Osteopath was first established in 1989 by Glenn Lobo with the goal of helping to heal people and improve their quality of life. During Glenn’s sporting life, he encountered several setbacks and injuries which inspired him to train as an Osteopath to ensure he could help as many people as possible. While his treatment was at one of the best Physiotherapy schools in the country, it didn’t allow him to return to his chosen sport of hockey. The aim of studying to be an Osteopath was to ensure he could help people continue to do the things they want to do, for as long as possible

An Honest Service

When I first started practising, I worked in my Father’s dental surgery. Working with him for nearly 25 years, I absorbed his ethos and principals. He never did any work he didn’t believe was necessary, and was known for his kindness, generosity and gentleness. I have worked to ensure I provide the same type of services to my patients. I aim to be available whenever possible, like my father did before me, always striving to care for, and act in the best interest of my patients

Patient Recommendations

The majority of my patients come to me as the result of a personal recommendation by existing or previous patients. This in itself is a compliment, although almost just as many are referred directly by their GPs, who also think highly of my work.

Advertising Restrictions

There are many conditions that osteopathy has successfully treated for years. However, with the growing strength of the litigious society, and a number of other factors, osteopaths cannot claim to treat these conditions without the robust clinical evidence that is required by the medical establishment and Advertising Standards.

Even though we may be able to treat them, we are not permitted to claim to do so as we haven't had the funding to research the treatments in their entirety

Just a Phone Call Away

My entire service is focused on customer care. I have a freephone number for clients to call, and will be happy to answer any concerns, questions, or queries that you have regarding me or my work.

Glenn Lobo


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Just a note to say a huge thank you for everything but mostly for your care for Lucky. I could never put into words how much it means that you have given her some relief for her aching joints. You are very talented and I am so grateful to have found you. Sincere thanks and best wishes
Jo & Lucky