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BIO: Glenn Lobo

Growing up, Hockey is my favourite sport, I often play 4 times in a weekend, for club and country. A week before I’m due to start studying at Guys Hospital, I dislocate my knee and I am gutted. Despite excellent treatment, I am unable to pursue my dream of playing hockey for London University and England. I decide that I want to be able to help people in similar situations with the perspective of being a patient.
In my life, I have been on the patient’s side of the table many times. Its 1988, I’m competing in my now chosen sport of Silat (Malaysian Martial Arts) and I tear the cartilage in my knee and I’m told I require surgery and rehabilitation. 2006, I snap my right Achilles tendon while teaching my daughter to play hockey. I’m told I will need 9-12 months of rehab but I am able to resume normal activity after 3-4 months. Then in 2012, I snap the other one.
I feel deep despair, knowing the tortured path ahead of me, surgery and months of rehab. The only thing giving me comfort and resolution was knowing I had done it before.
I know what it’s like to be where you are, to feel what you’re feeling and I know that you want to feel better as soon as possible. That’s why I am determined to ensure you get the best possible help to relieve your pain and enable you to get back to the activities you love. I focus my entire business on trying to achieve this for you.

Difficult Training

Osteopathic training is long and hard. I train at the British School of Osteopathy on a four-year, full-time course, and qualift in 1989. I complete hours of practice, studying, and technique sessions as well as hundreds of hours working in the college clinics under supervision to ensure I am safe and competent to practice.

Relieving Extensive Pain

In my years of studies, people come in with acute and massive pain – I always sign up for these patients so I could learn how to treat them. That’s why I am supremely confident that I can reduce your pain on the first visit. One of my advisors says to me, “if I can’t give you the value you want, and the results you want, I don’t want your money” I stick by this motto firmly.

Another String to the Bow

At 9 years old, in a martial arts class, my coach starts talking about ‘the smoking needles’ or as we know it now, acupuncture, and I am intrigued. There was a mystical ethos surrounding it back in the early 70’s and in my young mind, I decide I want to learn more about it. But life happens, I grow up, I study medicine and then osteopathy. One day an opportunity to study Acupuncture presents itself to me and I feel like destiny wants me to learn this skill. I study at the British College of Acupuncture under the esteemed Dr. Royston Lowe. It is a two year postgraduate course where I train alongside doctors, nurses, physios, chiropractors and a vet. We cover the essentials of acupuncture, eight methods and five element theories, and complete intense practical sessions followed by rigorous exams. In 1993 I am officially qualified to practise acupuncture. I attend several other courses over the years. In 2009 I complete a course in facial regeneration acupuncture, which has proved very successful. In 2010 and 2011 I attend events by Dr. Richard Tan which revolutionize my acupuncture treatments and greatly improve my results.

Working to the Limits

I understand that nobody comes to see me for my sparkling wit and charm, although I do think I am quite amusing, you come to me to do a job, to ease your pain. To do this I use my four years and training and the experience I’ve gained from treating thousands of patience since 1989. The treatments may take you outside of your comfort zone to get the best results but rest assured that we will only work as hard as your body will allow.

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Just a note to say a huge thank you for everything but mostly for your care for Lucky. I could never put into words how much it means that you have given her some relief for her aching joints. You are very talented and I am so grateful to have found you. Sincere thanks and best wishes
Jo & Lucky