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BIO: Glenn Lobo

A week before I was due to start studying medicine at Guys Hospital, I dislocated my knee. Despite excellent treatment, I was unable to pursue my dream of playing hockey for London University and England. I decided to ensure that I could provide the help other people in my situation needed, with the understanding of seeing it from the patient's side of the table. That is why I am so determined to ensure you get the best help possible to relieve your problems and enable your return to the activities you love.

Difficult Training

Osteopathic training is long and hard. I trained at the British School of Osteopathy on a four-year, full-time course, and qualified in 1989. I completed hours of practice, studying, and technique sessions as well as hundreds of hours working in the college clinic under supervision to ensure I was safe and competent to practice.

Relieving Extensive Pain

Often people would come in with acute and massive pain—I would always sign up for those so I could learn how to treat them. When you come to me in a great deal of pain, I am supremely confident I will reduce your pain on the first visit. One of my advisors said to me, "if I can't give the value you want, and the results you want, I don't want your money". I stick by this motto.

Another String to the Bow

My acupuncture training took place at the British College of Acupuncture under the esteemed Dr. Royston Lowe. It was a two-year postgraduate course, during which I trained alongside doctors, physios, nurses, chiropractors, and a vet. We covered the essentials of acupuncture, eight methods and five element theories, and completed intense practical sessions followed by rigorous exams. I qualified from there in 1993. Since then I have attended several other courses, and in 2010 and 2011 attended events by Dr. Richard Tan, which have revolutionised my acupuncture treatments, and greatly improved my results. Also, in 2009, I completed a course in facial regeneration acupuncture, which I have also found to be very successful.

Working to the Limits

I understand that nobody comes to see me for my sparkling wit and charm, although I am funny, but you come to me to do a job. That job is to ease your pain. To do this, I need to use my four years of training and the experience I have gained from treating thousands of patients since 1989. I have found that the way to get the best out of me is to work me hard. Don't worry though, as I will only work you as hard as you let me, or as hard as your body will. If I don't do this I am not going to get the results you want, so I will work your muscles as hard as possible.

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