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Sayan Jethwa

While growing up I was always a sports fanatic, whether it was participating or watching sports such as football, basketball, cricket, tennis, badminton, track and field events just to list a few and others. My favourite sport, football, was the one I wanted to pursue a career in, sadly I was plagued with injuries which discouraged me from returning to sport the way I was before. From receiving rehabilitation I became more intrigued about the healthcare profession, anatomy of the human body and how to rehabilitate and prevent these injuries from happening again. This in turn lead me down the path to help others and try to get them back to how they were before their injury/pain and then strengthen/improve upon that.

I chose to study sports therapy for 3 years in Birmingham at University College Birmingham that accredited by the University of Birmingham, which is in the top 20 universities in the country. I am delighted to say I will be graduating with an Upper Second Class Honours degree (2:1) in BSc Sports Therapy. During my studies the course was demanding, challenging and focused on anatomy, clinical assessments, strength & conditioning, pathology, soft tissue therapy and rehabilitation of injuries. It was compulsory during my studies to complete work experience, I chose to do my work experience in Luton with Glenn Lobo at his osteopathic clinic where my training was of a sufficient standard to impress him and his clients. This led me to come back the following year to continue working with Glenn to improve my knowledge and experience. Having an incredible experience working alongside Glenn and how much I've learnt from him it became my goal to return to Luton after my studies and work within his clinic.

What does that MEAN for YOU as a client?

Now that I've finished my studies and I'm back in Luton I will be working alongside Glenn in his clinic. Glenn and I discussed what we can bring to you at his clinic. We aim to provide you with a wider range of options for returning you to your activities- whether it be country walks, triathlons or Iron Man competition, or playing in the park with your kids. We want to take our experiences and knowledge and tailor our treatment to YOUR needs and best interest, improve your QUALITY of life and provide the most up to date evidence based practice leading to a more EFFECTIVE treatment and course of rehabilitation for you. Between the two of us we can assess and identify your injury/complaint. Then we can provide for you the most appropriate and beneficial treatment types ranging from manipulations, acupuncture, sports massage, mobilisations, taping, rehabilitation, injury prevention and strength and conditioning programmes.

Taping will benefit you while you currently have an injury or are in the process of rehabilitation by providing support to reduce the amount of force and limit movement to joints, muscles and ligaments. Taping can also be used to provide this support during competitions, events, and everyday activities with minimal hinderence to your performance.

Rehabilitation is the process of returning you from injury or operations. It will benefit you by bringing you back to your previous level of performance, while working on your injury using the other treatments we can provide you. This will allow you to return back to a sport, daily activity, and work safely and stronger than before. Rehabilitation can include treatment types such as sports massage to reduce tension and aid with the healing of the injured muscles/ligaments and surrounding joints. In addition we can give you exercises to help manage your pain while aiming to restore your range of motion and strengthen the areas that may be contributing to your injury.

Strength and conditioning alongside injury prevention will benefit you by both reducing the risk of injury and preparing your body to deal with the demands of the sport you participate in. Strength and conditioning can be utilised for your specific purpose and needs dependant on your sport, activities or events. These may include, flexibility exercises; reducing muscle tension; taping; balance training; strengthening of core muscles, to a specific joint or potential injury. this allows your body the appropriate rest it needs, while increasing cardiovascular fitness to the levels it should be.

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Just a note to say a huge thank you for everything but mostly for your care for Lucky. I could never put into words how much it means that you have given her some relief for her aching joints. You are very talented and I am so grateful to have found you. Sincere thanks and best wishes
Jo & Lucky