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Back Pain

Are you, or someone close to you, in pain?

We understand your situation and have experience as a patient and therapist. We know how daunting and debilitating back pain can be, so we aim to make your experience as comfortable informative and empowering as we can.

If you are suffering with back pain our osteopaths are trained, and have years of experience to help you get back to the things that matter- and hopefully with no pain! We tailor our treatments specifically to what you need. We do see a few common conditions in the clinic. Here are some of the most common types of back pain:

The most common type of back pain you may have is a low back pain, more on one side than the other though it may spread to both sides. Sometimes there is pain down the leg or thigh to the knee, sometimes below. Did it come on suddenly? Is it a sharp pain? Have you had it before? This type of problem is often a joint lock, which then creates a muscular protective spasm around the joint.

Muscular Pain

Back pain is relatively complex and usually has different components. There is usually a large part of your pain that is muscular. Whatever you hurt, the muscles in that area are likely to tighten up to protect themselves or you generally. That can hurt- quite a lot. A lot of our treatment therefore is directed at relaxing your muscles to make it easier for you to move. Your muscles can tighten up and hurt for a variety of reasons - direct trauma, strain, overuse and fatigue, and so on. Muscle can hurt a lot but we can help this with he right treatment and care.

Disc Pain

"Its a Disc!" We have all heard it. A lot of back issues are related to disc issues and despite the MRI evidence that there is an issue with the disc, it MAY NOT be the cause of your pain. So you can have apparent disc issues on the MRI and you may OR MAY NOT have pain!!

Fear NOT!

The symptoms we need to be aware of are pins and needles and numbness, though these may still only indicate a muscular issue and not anything more serious. Don’t listen to Google or Wikipedia!!

Irrespective of the issues, we look to achieve significant improvement in your symptoms in 4-6 sessions and if possible, resolution in a week or 2 more!

Spinal Joints

Spinal joints or the facet joints, are relatively well protected and supported. Under the right circumstances they can become pressured and irritated by activities such as over extending or arching your back, overuse in sport or sudden movements and changes in postures.

Pain from a spinal joint is rarely serious, though it can range from the excruciating to mildly irritating, and usually responds very well to our osteopathic treatments.

Case History

Although back pain is normally of a benign cause, sometimes pain in the back can be related to something more serious, which may require urgent care. For this reason we screen for a variety of causes of back pain to make sure that you are in the right hands and so that you get the care you need. Our case history taking is thorough, detailed and allows us to identify conditions which may be of a more serious nature. Your health and safety is the priority of our Osteopaths.

If we think we can help you with whatever is causing your pain, we will do everything we can. If however we think you need additional care elsewhere we will refer you on to the correct person. We want you to get better, and have the life you want, so we wont keep you coming back any more than necessary.

As Osteopaths we are often the first people you would come to with a pain. We are trained to diagnose the problem, and identify the source of your pain, and then hopefully give you the various reasons why it may have happened in the first place. We, at the Caring Osteopath like to identify and treat the root cause of your problem. from there, in discussion with you, we can work on a plan going forwards, to help keep you pain free and enjoying a stress free body!

It is not always possible to totally prevent a pain from returning, especially if you continue to do the things that brought it on in the first place, BUT with us, you know we will see you as soon as we can, will treat you as well as possible, and strive to get you back functioning properly in the shortest time we can!

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