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Sports Injury

This is the topic of several (hundred) books. Essentially in sport you can get injuries from impact - rugby injuries where they hit each other quite hard; overuse injuries - stress fractures in running for example; and accidental, like spraining an ankle tripping over your dog! You can also get situations where they overlap.

We have worked at various sporting events from Premier League Athletics, World and European Martial Arts competitions, and for clubs- Bedford Rugby Club, Shaftsbury Barnet Harriers Athletics Clubs, Luton United Athletics Club, and with some local Kick boxers, and a professional World Champion Boxer.

We have experience working under pressure, with athletes who are injured and need a fast recovery.

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You worked wonders in a short time. I thought I was going to have to cancel my Golf trip!!! I was back playing Golf in 3 visits!!
David Wheatley