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At the caringOSTEOPATH we offer a variety of services: 

Osteopathy is a treatment of the body through the Musculo-skeletal system- so muscles and joints. We believe that a lot of your pain arises from areas where your body doesn't work properly. Our aim is to correct these areas and return you to the activities you want or need to do! 

Acupuncture is a very old form of medicine with records going back 4000 years! Using acupuncture we would treat your body with the insertion of small, very fine needles into specific points around the body. 

Sports Massage will be offered by our newest therapist in June. Glenn is also qualified as a sports therapist. This form of massage is regarded as deeper than the conventional relaxing massages and is of more physical therapeutic value for you than a simple massage. There are many different styles of massage. Our therapists are skilled and well trained and work to ease out your aches and pains. 

Where we think you may need it we will suggest a combination of therapies, acupuncture with some form of massage therapy to maybe reduce specific muscle tightness and then general treatment to loosen off a more general area. 

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