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A week before i was due to start at Guys Hospital to study Medicine, i dislocated my knee. I had good treatment from the Physio department, but i was still unable to pursure my dream of playing hockey for London Uni and England. I decided to ensure that I could give the help other people in my situation needed, with the understanding of seeing it from the patients side of the table. That is why I am so determined to ensure YOU get the best help I can give you to relieve your problems and return you to the activities you want to do.


Osteopathic training is long and intense. I trained at the British School of Osteopathy, when it was based off Trafalgar Square. It was a 4 year full-time course, and i qualified in 1989. We conducted hours of practice, studying, technique sessions as well as hundreds of hours working in the college clinic under supervision to ensure I was safe and competent to practice. Often people would come in acute and in massive pain. I would always sign up for those. Why? So I could learn how to treat them and have the confidence I can now bring to you. Now, when you come to me in a great deal of pain I am supremely confident I can reduce your pain on the first visit. One of my advisors said to me �If I can�t give you the value you want and the results you want, I don't want your money.I am definitely confident I can reduce your pain enough for you to want to pay me.

In your search for treatment or information I am sure you have visited some other sites. There are some things YOU DO NEED TO KNOW:

My belief is that many/most muscle-skeletal problems that present to us are resolvable or at last can be reduced: there are obvious ones that you cant- MS, broken bones, arthritis, etc. But most of the ones that walk into my practice are simple issues.

Obviously if you have neglected your body for years and then wake up one day and thought "Today I'm gonna fix all my ailments", it isn't gonna happen in 1 session.. you have to realize that. Car accident injuries are another situation where it might not happen quickly, but they aren't the norm.

Most of the time I hear a story like, "I was just reaching out to.., "I was just walking my dog" And "I got this intense pain in my ..."

I cant say I can cure anything, but most of these issues should be bread and butter to an osteopath�.and they are to me.

I often say "Nobody comes to see me for my sparkling wit and charm" (not that I'm not funny you understand) But you come to me to do a job. That job is to ease your pain. To do this I need to use my 4 years of training and the experience i have gained over treating thousands of patients since 1989.

I have found that the way to treat me so I get better, is to work me HARD. Now don't worry as I will only work you as hard as you let me, or as hard as your body will. If I don't do this I am NOT going to GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT! So I will work your muscles hard, but only as hard as your body will let me (they aren't always the same thing).

My Acupuncture training took place at the British College of Acupuncture under the esteemed Dr. Royston Lowe. It was a 2 year postgraduate course, and I trained alongside doctors, physios, nurses, chiropractors and a vet!. We covered the essentials of acupuncture, 8 methods and 5 element theory and intense practical sessions followed by rigorous exams. I qualified from there in 1993.

Since then I have attended several other courses and in 2010 and 2011 did courses with Dr. Richard Tan which has revolutionized my acupuncture treatments, and greatly improved my results. I also, in 2009, completed a course in Facial Regeneration Acupuncture which i have also found to be very successful.


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