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Martial Arts Injury

As I was deciding what to write I was considering the type of injuries we sustain as martial artists. They are still broken down into contact and non-contact injuries, but for ME as a martial artist of 40+ years experience, I have watched different teachers and groups performing exercises that have been debunked decades earlier as causing more injuries than they prevent.

Because it is a (another!) subject I am passionate about, I was planning on saying a little more on this subject.

In martial arts we train for a lot of different reasons, but none of them are to damage ourselves. We therefore need to train with that in mind- you cannot defend yourself properly if you have injured yourself with an unsafe practice or training/ stretching method. I would urge anyone training in a martial art to ensure your teacher does MORE than just teach how his teacher taught.. There are differences in knowledge from 30 years ago that are important for your safety and longevity in the sport/ art. 

A few years ago a colleague asked me about someone who was training with my former teacher. He presented with knee pain. I told my colleague to adjust his stance and position as I had done and the knee pain resolved.. DONT damage yourself. Enough people want to do it to you in reality, don't give them an advantage!

With the variety of martial arts it is hard to cover all the different types of things you may experience.. impact sports will suffer bruises etc, grappling styles will probably still get these but may have overstrains from people pulling things too far.. My favourity find anywhere liniment is Tiger Balm, but anything with a 30%+ content of Methyl salicylate will help, and then basic first aid principles- rest- ice-compression-elevation.

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Just a note to say a huge thank you for everything but mostly for your care for Lucky. I could never put into words how much it means that you have given her some relief for her aching joints. You are very talented and I am so grateful to have found you. Sincere thanks and best wishes
Jo & Lucky