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Sports Therapy

What is Sports Massage and Sports Therapy?

Sports Massage is a deep massage. Swedish Massage is the basis for a lot of Western Massage techniques and uses a combination of kneading and "stroking" or gliding massage techniques, as well as stretching and joint articulations. The aim is to stretch, release tension and relieve soreness in muscles, tendons and ease and assist in the reapir of ligament injuries and strains. It is is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation back to your optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of your age and ability.
Sports therapists use a combination of techniques and types of treatment like; sports massage, exercise therapy, electrotherapy, taping, mobilisations and more. It utilises the principles of sport and exercise sciences, incorporating physiological and pathological processes to prepare you for training and competition, or returning to these, and where applicable, work.


Is Sports Massage for me?

Anyone can benefit from a sports massage to help deal with the stresses and strains that our bodies face every day. Aches, pains and injuries are caused by many activities at home and at work (such as driving, working at a computer or carrying small children) as well as on a sports field or in the gym.
A sports massage treatment is tailored to your individual needs. It can be used to treat your whole body or be applied to specific areas, depending on what you feel you want or need.

If you are a sports person, a sports massage can help your physical and psychological preparation for an event, by stimulating circulation and warming muscles, and reducing the risk of injury. After an event it will assist your recovery by removing waste products from those muscles (such as lactic acid), helping to prevent soreness and maintaining muscular condition.

For anyone participating in regular physical activity, whether that be actual sports, or hard physical work like building work, bricklaying, ground work, gardening, furniture removal and so on, a sports massage session every few weeks would help keep you working at your best. We have found that regular treatment helps keep you away from injuries, and catch them early so they dont develop into problems. If you have any questions, please feel free to call up and ask to speak to the therapist, and we can advise you over the phone! 

A Sports Therapist is a healthcare professional who has the knowledge, skills and ability to:

  • Utilise sports and exercise principles to optimise performance, preparation and injury prevention programmes.
  • Provide the immediate care of injuries and basic life support in a recreational, training & competitive environment
  • Assess, treat and, where appropriate, refer on for specialist advice and intervention.
  • Provide appropriate sport and remedial massage in a sport & exercise context
  • Plan and implement appropriate rehabilitation programmes

What can a Sports Therapist treat?

  • Strains/ Sprains
  • Tendinopathy (overuse) injuries
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Cramp
  • Joint instability
  • Impingement
  • Muscle spasms
  • Musculo-skeletal injuries
  • Nerve irritation/ impingement
  • Muscle weakness & muscle imbalance
  • Acute & chronic injuries
  • And probably much more. If your problem isn’t on the list, please call up and ask if we can help you.


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